Halvana North America Inc.
Our Thesis:
To participate in a high growth segment of the Packaged Food Category:Mediterranean based condiments, sauces and foods.These products offer natural foods with significant benefits for a healthy lifestyle(cognitive,cardio vascular).
Our Criteria:
  • Superior Quality(no additives)
  • Innovative Ingredients
  • Innovative Packaging
  • Broad Assortment
  • Strong Margins
  • Strong and committed Management Team
  • Growth Model has been proven
Growth Drivers:
  • Expand Distribution
  • Build awareness and trial
  • Maintain competitive edge via innovation
Status: Minority Investment, 2019
Designer Protein LLC
Our Thesis:
To participate in the fast growing whey based Protein segment.
Our Criteria:
  • Premium,Pure Ingredients
  • Clean Label
  • Targeted to Women
  • Solid history of growth
  • Established distribution base
Growth Drivers:
  • Expand Distribution
  • Build Awareness and Trail
  • Improve Margins to support growth
Status: Minority Investment, 2012
We are experienced in identifying and helping build sustainable growth companies, profitably.
Simply put, we invest and work with privately owned food companies that want strategic, operational or capital support to accelerate growth.
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